Consulate of the Republic of Slovenia in Norway

Promoting Slovenia, its people, culture and business in Norway and creating bridges between the two countries.

Welcome to the home page of the Honorary Consul of Slovenia in Norway

It is a pleasure to wish you welcome to this home page. The Consulate’s mission is to provide help and assistance to Slovenians in Norway, to Slovenian business interested in Norway and to provide information and assistance to Norwegians who have an interest in Slovenia and Slovenians. It is my hope it will make the cooperation between our two countries closer and better.

Mr Knut M. Ore, Honorary Consul

Knut M. Ore
Honorary Consul in Oslo

The tasks of the Consulate are therefore to:

Provide assistance to Slovenian nationals within the framework of its powers. The Consulate is not authorized to issue passports and ID cards or verify documents. That is the task of the Embassy of Slovenia in Copenhagen and other authorities in Slovenia.

Provide information about Slovenia, its economy, culture and nature, and for Norwegians interested in Slovenia.

Provide and help Slovenian businesses and private persons with information about Norway in general and business opportunities in particular - and vice versa.

Work closely with the Slovenian Embassy in Copenhagen, i.e. facilitate the establishment of business contacts and contacts within the fields of culture, science, education and sports.