Slovenia - Logarska dolina (Logarska valley) - view on mountains
Slovenia - Logarska dolina (Logarska valley)

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Slovenia - Ljubljana, image of old town with castle, from air
Slovenia - Ljubljana, old town

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Slovenia is an extraordinarily beautiful country, a gem that has not been discovered by many Norwegians. A guidebook describes the country where “the landscape changes swiftly from the high Alps to arable plains and from dense deciduous forests to the palm-fringed Mediterranean coastline”. Slovenia has excellent hiking and skiing possibilities, which suit Norwegians well. You will find much useful information about the country, destinations, places stay and much more in the official home page
You can also find specialized tourist brochures here.

There are several guidebooks which can be usefull when you plan to visit Slovenia, among them DK Eyewitness Travel Slovenia and Lonely Planet Slovenia.

Visa is not required for Norwegian short term visitors to Slovenia – and vice versa. You can find more information about the
visa rules on the Slovenian embassys website.

Slovenia - Triglav - highest mountain in Slovenia (and in all ex-Yugoslavia) and in Julian alps (2864 moh.)
Slovenia - Triglav - highest mountain in Slovenia (2864 moh.)

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Slovenia - Bohinjsko jezero (Lake Bohinj) in the winter - view on the bridge and church of John the Baptist
Slovenia - Bohinjsko jezero (Lake Bohinj)

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Most Slovenians speak good English, especially the younger part of the population. Second foreign language found is German and/or Italian, especially for slovenians neighbouring Austrian and/or Italian border.


It is a fairly long journey by car to Slovenia from Norway. But, if you do drive your car or rent one in Slovenia, there are some special things to be aware of.

The roads in Slovenia are generally good. For driving on the motorways, you need a vignette to put on your vehicle. More information and prices can be found on website of DARS - Motorway Company in the Republic of Slovenia.

The traffic rules are similar to the European standard. See the rules for speed limits, alcohol limit etc.

You can get useful current traffic information here.


Slovenia has a good railway system. If you want to travel to and in the country by train, you should consult Slovenian State Railway's home page.

By air

The airport of the capital Ljubljana has daily connections to a number of major European airports. More information about the Ljubljana Airport (IATA: LJU, ICAO: LJLJ).

From Norway there are no direct flights at present to Slovenia. Air travel to Ljubljana will therefore take 4-5 hours. From Copenhagen there are direct flights 4 times per week. See Adria Airways here.

Air tickets to Slovenia from and to Norway are expensive, so you might consider to fly to Vienna, Venice or Zagreb and rent a car there if you are not short of time.

Slovenia - Predjamski grad (Predjama castle) - view on the castle in front of large rock with cave in it
Slovenia - Predjamski grad (Predjama castle)

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Slovenia - trekking in the neighbourhood of Bovec
Slovenia - trekking in the neighbourhood of Bovec

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Information about hotels, campsites, private accommodation etc. You can book online most places.

Travel agency

If you want recommendations, special information or help to plan and book your tour,
you should consult a tourist agency, which you can find also on, or you could contact KOMPAS Nordic in Copenhagen,
or the newly established tour operator in Norway

Slovenia - Piran (Pirano) coastal city - view on Punta
Slovenia - Piran (Pirano) coastal city

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Slovenia - Planica 2016 - ski jumping event
Slovenia - Planica 2016 - ski jumping event

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